Why Elite?

Proven Track Record

Since it’s establishment in 1994, Elite has consistently maintained an A+ rating in yearly underwriter audits and proudly holds the impressive & unprecedented honor of being the only title company in Arkansas with a ZERO claims history. Elite’s underwriters are the top 2 national title insurance underwriters in the U.S. – First American Title Company and Fidelity National Title Company. For strength, stability, & a proven record, choose Elite.

Independent Title Company Equals Ultimate Consumer Protection

Title companies were designed to be “independent” of all parties to the real estate transaction, thereby providing equal & fair representation to all at the closing table. Elite proudly maintains a true independence, however, many title companies in our area, are owned by a bank, or a real estate company, or have an “affiliated business arrangement” with a bank or real estate company. Steering of Business is not in the best interest of the Consumer. As the most knowledgeable parties to a real estate transaction, the Professional Mortgage Lender/Realtor should keep the best interest of the less experienced Buyer and/or Seller at heart.  By maintaining a proper arms-length distance in every real estate transaction, Elite is able to provide true & equal protection to all parties…the Realtor, Lender, Builder, Home Buyer & Seller. So for the ultimate protection of your client or yourself, choose Elite Title, The Independent Title Company,

In-House Title Plant

Elite maintains it’s own in-house title plant consisting of all records filed at the courthouse for each parcel of land, from the very first Deed Conveyance from the U.S. (Patent) to current. While many local title companies buy their research from a competitor, an out-of-state research company, or in some cases an overseas operation, Elite remains confident in it’s accuracy & efficiency with each transaction. All Elite’s work product is created in-house and Elite consistently strives for perfection. When you need the most accurate title company, choose Elite Title.

CFPB Compliant

Elite remains ahead of rules & regulations set by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. In fact, Elite implemented all the new rules as standard practice before the official rules were made. Most title companies are scrambling to meet the deadline of Aug. 1, 2015, while Elite is constantly reviewing & implementing procedures beyond what is required. For the ultimate in CFPB compliance levels & peace of mind, choose Elite.